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Our Work

Advocating for Stronger Rights, Protections, and Services for Crime Victims

Tremendous progress has been made at the federal and state levels in securing rights, resources, and protections for victims of crime. However, much work remains to be done to ensure just and adequate support for crime victims. The National Center plays a prominent role in crime victim advocacy by focusing on:

  • Securing Resources for Victims of Crime

    The National Center is committed to increasing federal funding for crime victims and works to ensure that state funding sources for victim services are protected. 

  • Strengthening and Expanding Crime Victims' Rights

    The National Center supports meaningful rights for crime victims in the criminal, juvenile, civil, and administrative justice systems. 

  • Strengthening How our Nation Responds to Victims of Crime

    The National Center prioritizes work to address the needs of crime victims and promote victim safety and recovery. 

  • Promoting Conversations About Emerging Issues and Underserved Crime Victims

    The National Center is committed to promoting national policy conversations about emerging issues and underserved victim populations with limited access to appropriate resources.

Education, Training, and Evaluation

The National Center values education and training as a mechanism to improve the way crime victims are treated and understood. The following training activities and programs developed and executed by the National Center serve as a resource for those who work with victims, represent victims' perspectives, raise awareness, develop services, and foster systemic change:

  • National Conferences

    Our general and topic-specific conferences emphasize a multidisciplinary approach to sharing promising practices, current research, and effective programs and policies that are victim-centered, evidence-based, and research-informed. Our conferences are a forum for victim service and criminal justice professionals, allied practitioners, policymakers, and researchers to share current developments and build new collaborations.

  • DNA Resource Center

    The DNA Resource Center is a source for training, technical assistance, and information about the use of DNA in the criminal justice system. It aims to help victim service and criminal justice professionals to understand forensic DNA, DNA databases, and the roles of sexual assault nurse examiners helping survivors of DNA exonerations, and how DNA can be used in missing persons cases. The goal of this project is to ensure victim service and allied professionals have accurate and up-to-date information so that they are able to provide informed and sensitive guidance to victims whose cases involve DNA evidence.

  • Stalking Resource Center

    The Stalking Resource Center provides training, technical assistance, and information for professionals working with and responding to stalking victims and offenders. The mission of the Stalking Resource Center is to enhance the ability of professionals, organizations, and systems to effectively respond to stalking. The Stalking Resource Center envisions a future in which the criminal justice system and its many allied community partners will effectively collaborate and respond to stalking, improve victim safety and well-being, and hold offenders accountable. 

  • Youth Initiative

    The Youth Initiative builds the nation's capacity to support youth victims while working to advance their rights and to ensure youth leadership on issues that affect youth. The Youth Initiative leads a national strategy to identify and fill the gaps in interventions to support young victims of crime. Although children and teens are victimized at a higher rate than any other age group in the nation, they have the fewest rights, protections, and services. The Youth Initiative works with youth and local, state, Tribal, and national partners, as well as federal agencies, to increase young victims' access to critical services. The Initiative's National Youth Advisory Council and youth-led community change projects work to ensure that young people have a voice on these issues. 

  • National Crime Victim Bar Association

    The National Crime Victim Bar Association (NCVBA), an affiliate of the National Center for Victims of Crime, was founded in April 1999 as the nation's first professional association of attorneys and expert witnesses dedicated to helping victims seek justice through the civil system. The NCVBA provides technical support to attorneys representing crime victims in civil actions, refers crime victims to lawyers in their local area, and works to increase general awareness about the availability of civil remedies for victims of crime. Victims in need of an attorney referral can go to this link to fill out our referral form.

A Trusted Source of Current Information on Victims' Issues

  • Website

    The National Center's website is continually updated with a wide range of easily accessible information and resources for victims, families, and victim service providers. 

  • Media Outreach

    The National Center regularly provides national, regional, and local media with victim-related data and statistics, analyses on current issues, and commentary on breaking news stories. The National Center is available for media interviews on a variety of victims' issues. Contact our media team at [email protected]

  • Publications

    The National Center publishes reports and other materials that drive the national discussion on a wide range of cutting-edge issues. The National Center has effectively used provocative, research-based reports to persuade the nation to respond more effectively to victims.

  • VictimConnect
    VictimConnect is a national help line dedicated to serving all victims. Get help by calling 855-4-VICTIM (855-484-2846), or through online chat here.