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The FBI Experience

Summer/Fall 2006

  • The Role of Compensation in the Victim Support System
  • VINE Keeps Victims at the Core of Company's Mission
  • Supporting Crime Victims with Disabilities

Mental Health Courts

Summer/Fall 2005

  • The Mental Health Court: A Victim Perspective
  • Citizen Lobbying: Building Relationships to Influence Policy

Human Trafficking in the United States

Winter/Spring 2005 

  • Human Trafficking: Breaking the Bonds of Modern Day Slavery
  • Rape in a Small Town
  • Fundraising: Finding New Funds for Your Organization

The Other Side of Darkness

Spring/Summer 2004

  • The Other Side of Darkness: Working through Trauma with Victims of Crime  
  • Rethinking Law Enforcement Strategies to Prevent Domestic Violence 
  • Repairing the Harm: Reexamining Victim Compensation

Violence in Intimate Partner Relationships

Fall 2003/Winter 2004

  • Teen Dating Violence: Facing the Epidemic  
  • PTSD: Understanding a Victim's Response to Trauma 
  • Dating Violence on Campus: A Fact of Life 
  • Immigrant Stalking Victims Face Complex Challenges

A Focus on Stalking

Summer 2003

  • A Tragic Murder: A Powerful Force to Improve the Nation's Response to Stalking 
  • Washington's 'Victim Wrap Around' Program Saves Lives
  • Forensic Nurses: Linking Law and Healthcare to Help Victims

Pursuing the Power of DNA

Winter/Spring 2003

  • Pursuing the Power of DNA: Forensic DNA's Impact on Crime Victims and Their Advocates  
  • No Victimless Crimes: The Role of Community Impact Panels  
  • When the Community Is the Victim
  • From Victim to Advocate: Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Men and Recovery from Sexual Abuse

Summer/Fall 2002

  • Looking in the Mirror: Men and Recovery from Sexual Abuse  
  • Homicide Support: Retelling the Story of Violent Dying 
  • The City of Brotherly Love Takes on Stalking
  • Victims and Victim Service Organizations in American Policing

The Lessons of September 11th

Winter/Spring 2002

  • Lessons from September 11th  
  • The Oklahoma City Experience: An Interview with Marsha Kight 
  • Treatment Options for Trauma
  • It All Comes Back: A Victim Again
  • Hate Crimes and Civil Justice

Immigrant Child Victims

Summer/Fall 2001

  • Immigrant Victims of Child Abuse 
  • Building Up the Field: Standards vs. Credentialing
  • Victims and Offender Reentry
  • Ten Years in Corrections
  • A Tale of Three Cities: Safe Housing and Assistance for Intimidated Victims and Witnesses 

The Impact of Trauma

Spring 2001

  • Understanding Victim Behavior: The Psychology of Trauma  
  • Faith-Based Responses to Domestic Violence 
  • Coping with Vicarious Trauma
  • Sexual Assault and HIV: The Prophylaxis Debate

Preventing Repeat Victimization

Winter 2001 

  • The Timing of Victim Statements: Two Approaches
  • Drug-Facilitated Rape
  • Probation's Emergence into Community Justice
  • Unprecedented Involvement of Women's Groups in Rape Investigations