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Responding to Crime Victims with Disabilities

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Beyond Labels—Working with Abuse Survivors with Mental Illness Symptoms or Substance Abuse Issues

SafePlace, $50
Manual providing practical information, tools, and resources for domestic violence and rape crisis center staff working with survivors of trauma with symptoms of mental illness and/or substance abuse/addiction.
Visit SafePlace for more information or to order.

Crime Victimization in Adults with Severe Mental Illness: Comparison with the National Crime Victimization Survey

Arch Gen Psychiatry (2005), August, 62(8): 911-921. Linda A. Teplin, PhD, Gary M. McClelland, PhD, Karen M. Abram, PhD, and Dana A. Weiner, PhD
Study seeking to determine the rates of crime victimization among persons with severe mental illness by sex, race/ethnicity, and age, to compare rates with general population data taken from the National Crime Victimization Survey.

Criminal Victimization of Persons with Mental Illness

Mental Illness Policy Organization
Web page summarizing recent studies and articles regarding the victimization of persons with mental illness.

Domestic Violence Services for Victims with Mental Illness

King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Coalition, in Washington State, which is engaging in a partnership to improve services for victims with mental illness and strengthen collaboration between domestic violence advocates and mental health service providers. Website provides information about their project, including their needs assessment and strategic plan, and links to online training. The Coalition has also posted its project report, “Change is Possible: Successes, Lessons Learned, and Plans.”