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Responding to Crime Victims with Disabilities

Resource Directory for Service Providers


Maltreatment of Children With Disabilities research paper
American Academy of Pediatricians (2014), 10 pages
A research publication on the prevalence of abuse of children with disabilities. The report outlines factors of abuse and neglect, as well as guidance for pediatricians on recognition and prevention strategies.  

First Response to Victims of Crime Who Have a Disability
Office for Victims of Crime (2002), 33 pages
A handbook for law enforcement officers created by the Office for Victims of Crime on responding crime victims who have Alzheimer's, mental illness or retardation, or other disabilities.

OVC’s Multidisciplinary Response to Crime Victims with Disabilities
Office for Victims of Crime (2007)
Office for Victims of Crime provides a seven-step model for improving capacity to respond to crime victims with disabilities through community oriented programming. The guide helps connect people and agencies, incorporate responses from community stakeholders, and tailor the model to the needs of the community.