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Responding to Crime Victims with Disabilities

Resource Directory for Service Providers



Consumer-Directed Personal Care Attendant Handbook

Partners for Inclusive Communities-University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 83 pages
Publication designed to provide introductory information for new personal care attendants. It includes a chapter on abuse, neglect, and exploitation, that provides definitions for various forms of abuse and neglect, provides tips on signs of abuse.

Developing and Implementing Self-Direction Programs and Policies: A Handbook

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2010), 296 pages
Comprehensive handbook providing information about self-direction programs for persons living with disabilities, and increasing program participants’ choice of and control over services. It includes tips about policies and practices to prevent and respond to “critical incidents” including abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Involving People with Disabilities as Members of Advisory Groups

Research and Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities, The University of Montana Rural Institute (2007)
Practice Guide providing tips for recruiting persons with disabilities for an advisory group and providing those members access to information and meetings.