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Additional Facts and Resources

Juvenile Statistics

  • Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults (including assaults on adults) occur against children ages 17 and under (Snyder, 2000).
  • In a study published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, juveniles were the large majority of the victims of forcible fondling (84%), forcible sodomy (79%), and sexual assault with an object (75%) (Sexual Assault of Young Children, page 2).
  • The National Crime Victimization Survey finds that violent crimes against juveniles are less likely to be known to authorities than are crimes against adults, and they are particularly unlikely to be know to the police (Child and Youth Victimization Know to Police, School, and Medical Authorities, page 1).
  • Children's Advocacy Center's responses to reports of child sexual abuse were often hindered because multiple agencies involved did not coordinate their investigations, and children's needs for services could be neglected (Evaluating Children's Advocacy Centers' Response to Child Sexual Abuse, page 1).
  • Revictimization is one of the most troubling outcomes associated with CSA because later victimization likely compounds or exacerbates the effects of prior abuse experiences (Severity of Child Sexual Abuse and Revictimization, page 308)

Organizations Offering Assistance

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) has a valuable library of resources for those seeking to investigate CSA.

Darkness to Light is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping child victims of sexual abuse and adult survivors. They have a network of service providers as well as a toll free help line.

In searching for answers and healing, a child victim of sexual abuse may exhibit certain warning signs. Stop It Now works with educators, parents, law enforcement, and service professionals to recognize, respond, and react to these signs.

Safe4Athletes is a non-profit that helps sports organizations adopt effective policies, procedures and educational programs that are designed to prevent coach, volunteer and peer misconduct whether it be sexual, bullying, harassment or other forms of inappropriate behaviors.

Children's Advocacy Center is a non-profit organization that provides training, prevention, and treatment services to fight child abuse and neglect.