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Center for Victim Research: Building an evidence base for victim services

Center for Victim Research

To respond effectively to victims of crime, practitioners must have access to the highest-quality, most relevant research to inform their work. Yet, in the victim services’ field, there remains a sizable gap in communication, information sharing, and application between research and practice. Resource centers and clearinghouses are increasingly needed to fill that gap and connect research to practice.

The Center for Victim Research (CVR) is designed to be a one-stop shop for victim service providers and researchers, connecting and sharing knowledge to increase access to victim research and data, and to improve the utility of research and data collection to crime victim services. Ultimately, CVR’s vision is to build a community of victim service providers and researchers who collaborate to improve practice through effective use of research and data.

What We Do

  • Promote the collection and use of victim data through technical assistance and the development and dissemination of tools and training;
  • Increase access to evidence on victim policies, programs, and practices through a curated library, including large numbers of open-access materials;
  • Support the translation and dissemination of victim research as usable information in the form of research syntheses, webinars, and podcasts; and
  • Improve opportunities for researchers and practitioners to work together through a researcher directory, fellowships, and partnerships.

Our Role

The National Center for Victims of Crime is one of three partners involved in creating and managing the Center for Victim Research—working alongside the Justice Research and Statistics Association and the Urban Institute—under a grant from the US Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime.

The National Center's role spans several of the project’s objectives, most notably efforts to disseminate information and engage victim service professionals. We are responsible for:

  • Maintaining an online, full-text collection of open-access resources via the CVR Library, regularly identifying and summarizing new research reports, and providing library technical assistance;
  • Liaising with victim service providers and informational staff at other resource centers for mutual assistance in disseminating resources and responding to the identified needs of survivors;
  • Production and dissemination of the twice monthly Tell Us About It: Victim Research Convos podcast;
  • Social media engagement via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn; and
  • Workshop presentations and exhibiting CVR resources at state and national-level conferences.

Additional Resources

Visit us at VictimResearch.org