Helping Crime Victims Pursue Civil Justice

The NCVBA provides technical support to attorneys representing crime victims in civil actions, refers crime victims to lawyers in their local area, and works to increase general awareness about the availability of civil remedies for victims of crime.

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The National Crime Victim Bar Association is the nation's only professional organization dedicated to helping all victims of crime obtain justice through the civil legal system. Whether your client was a victim of

  • sexual assault, 
  • inadequate security, 
  • sexual molestation, 
  • negligent hiring, 
  • a drunk-driving crash,
  • a dram shop violation,
  • school or campus violence,
  • nursing home abuse,
  • negligent release,
  • financial fraud,
  • or one of the numerous other types of crimes or torts that destroy victims lives,

We have the resources to help you and your client present the most effective civil case possible.

Benefits of Membership in the National Crime Victim Bar Association:

Client Referrals - The National Crime Victim Bar Association helps crime victims from around the country find attorneys to represent them in civil suits arising out of criminal acts. We refer victims to NCVBA members in their local area.

The NCVBA conducts an extensive, on-going public education campaign about civil remedies for crime victims. We train crime victim service providers across the country:

  1. to have a basic understanding of the civil legal remedies that are available to crime victims;
  2. to inform crime victims about their right to consult with an attorney; and
  3. to direct crime victims to the NCVBA for referrals to local attorneys.

Expert Witnesses: The NCVBA refers attorney members to members who are expert witnesses and consultants with a broad range of expertise relevant to crime victim litigation.

The Civil Justice Database: A comprehensive resource of more than 12,000 annotated, civil appellate decisions focused exclusively on suits arising from criminal acts. The database is available on-line. Users can jump-start their research by searching in any combination of eighteen different categories including location of crime, type of crime, state, court, key word, and more.

Member Listserv-  Our listserv provides a simple and effective way for our members to communicate with each other by email on important issues. You will automatically be enrolled in the listserv, but you may unsubscribe if you wish. To post a message, just send an email to [email protected]

CLE Discounts: Members receive significant discounts on the NCVBA's exciting educational programs on effective crime victim representation.

Website Members-Only Section:  provides a searchable membership directory, interactive message boards, past issues of Victim Advocate, access to the NCVBA Pleadings and Depositions Bank, news and NCVBA announcements, and much more.

Amicus Curiae Briefs: The National Crime Victim Bar Association manages the amicus curiaeprogram for the National Center for Victims of Crime, the nation's largest not-for-profit resource and advocacy organization for crime victims. The National Center signs on to amicus curiae briefs in civil and criminal cases that may impact the rights of victims. 

If you have a case in which you would like the National Center to submit an amicus brief, please call the NCVBA at (202) 467-8753.