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We are committed to raising awareness about the importance of forensic DNA as a tool to help solve and prevent crime and bring justice to victims.

DNA Resource Center Publications


Eliminating the Rape Kit Backlog: A Roundtable to Explore a Victim-Centered Approach

This report is a summary of a roundtable in which key stakeholders came together to explore innovative and victim-centered approaches to eliminating the backlog of rape kits in state and local jurisdictions and crime laboratories.

The Biological Evidence Preservation Handbook: Best Practices for Evidence Handlers

Handbook from the Technical Working Group on Biological Evidence Preservation concerning handling, packaging, storing and disposal of biological evidence, as well as chain of custody issues.

DNA Solves Property Crimes (But Are We Ready for That?)

Summary fact sheet of the DNA Field Experiment that compared burglary investigations that used only traditional police practices to burglary investigations in which DNA evidence was also collected and analyzed.

Making Sense of DNA Backlogs - Myths vs. Reality

This report from the National Institute of Justice examines the progress made at state and local levels to reduce DNA backlogs. The report includes a discussion of the conflicting definitions of what is a backlogged case, as well as looking at the two types of backlogs, DNA samples from active criminal investigations and DNA samples taken from convicted offenders, and the reasons why backlogs are increase despite increased Federal funding.

DNA Field Experiement: Cost Effectiveness Analysis of the Use of DNA in the Investigation of High Volume Crime

This report details a National Institute of Justice study evaluating the expansion of DNA evidence collection and testing to the investigation of property crimes.

Forensic Testing Turnaround Times in 50 States

February 2010 OLR Research Report on state and local laboratory turnaround times for various forensic tests, including DNA, in the 50 states.

Helpful Links

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Federally funded resource that includes information on justice-related topics including publications on DNA.

National District Attorney's Association/American Prosecutors Research Institute DNA Forensics Program

Written materials on scientific advancements, case law, and legislation for prosecutors.

International Association of Forensic Nurses

Web site includes information for SANEs and other medical personnel about SANE training, certification, and best practices. Resources related to Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Protocol of 2004, elder abuse and neglect, and nurses' role in primary prevention of sexual assault.

Hope Exists After Rape Trauma

Web site created by Rob and Debbie Smith includes information on the Debbie Smith DNA Backlog Act, Debbie's story, H-E-A-R-T's mission, and contact information for the foundation.

DNA Saves

Web site created by Jayann and David Sepich provides information about the value of forensic DNA and arrestee DNA testing laws.

DNA Resource Report/Gordon Thomas Honeywell

Media and legislative information concerning forensic DNA. Sign up for periodic DNA e-mail reports.

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