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We are committed to raising awareness about the importance of forensic DNA as a tool to help solve and prevent crime and bring justice to victims.

Sexual Assault Kit Backlogs:
Making Victims Part of the Solution

Policies, protocols and other materials to help create a victim-centered response

Additional Resources:

Victim Involvement Protocols

The National Center’s sample Cold Case Victim Notification Policy

Alameda County, CA

Denver: Police Department Victim Assistance Unit

Houston, Texas: Notification and Hotline Protocol

Phoenix: Police Department 

University of Texas: The University of Texas System Policy and Procedures Manual

Wayne County, Michigan  

Additional Resources

Evidence Submission Plans

Illinois: State Police

Letters to Survivors

Dallas: Police Department Sexual Assault Cold Program

  • Letter to survivors whose case is non-prosecutable because the statute of limitations has expired.

Los Angeles: Police Department

New Orleans: Police Department

Other DNA and Cold Hit Related Documents

Missouri: Prosecutor’s Office

Other Sexual Assault–related Documents

Note: These documents are not necessarily limited to working with victims in cold cases or cases with renewed action but some of the material may be helpful to communities developing protocols for working with victims in these cases.

Baltimore: Criminal Investigation Division’s Special Investigations Section–Sex Offense Unit Protocol