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2013 National Conference Presentations

Abuse in Later Life - Cristi Dugger

An Aging Network Response to Victims of Abuse and Neglect - Cyndi Patterson and Robin Coulon

An Integrated Response to Dating Violence - Tonya Turner and Brian Pinero

Addressing Oppression and Abuse Within the [email protected] Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Communities - Jose Juan Lara

Answering the Hard Questions About Sexual Violence - Claudia J. Bayliff

Bringing Team Care Strategies and Resilience to Your Agency Staff - Katherine Manners and Lisa Tieszen

Bringing the War Home: Understanding and Responding to Domestic Violence in Military Families - Pamela Jacobs

Communities Uniting Against Hate - Patrice O'Neill, Nazmia Alqadi and Victor Hwang

Creating an Effective Identity Theft Coalition - Kathleen Winn and Russell Butler

Empowering the Crime Victim: Navigating Criminal and Civil Battlefields - Michael Haggard, Esq.

Expanding Your Program Beyond the Traditional SANE Program - Jennifer Johnson

Expect Respect Support Groups: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Preventing Dating Abuse Among Vulnerable Youth - Barbara Ball

Firearms Prohibition and Domestic Violence - Sarah Henry

Forced Marriage in Immigrant Communities in the United States - Heather Heiman and Ramatu Bagura

Hindrances to Therapy: Working with Resistance - Joyce Jeffries and Charity Mackey

I Am Who I Am: LGBTQ and the Criminal Justice System - Emmanuel DeJesus

Improving Victim Response in Abusive Image Cases - Susan Howley

Joining Forces: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Working with Immigrant Victims of Crime - Laura Gomez-Horton and Glenaan O'Neill

Mindfulness Practices for Direct Service Providers to Victims of Crime - David Zlotnick

Model Standards for Serving Victims & Survivors of Crime: New Standards on Privacy, Confidentiality & Data Security - Dana DeHart and Cindy Southworth

Primary Prevention in the First State to Secede from the Union: Obstacles, Successes and Lessons Learned by the SC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault - Rebecca Williams-Agee

Proposal Development - Lisa Jackson-Stephens

Protocol Evaluation Project: Enhancing the Criminal Justice System's Response to Domestic Violence - Renae Tenney and Chief Steve Campbell

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response in the Department of Defense - Maj. Gen. Gary Patton

Sexual Assault Victims and Victim Offender Dialogue - Angie McCown

Solution Focused Case Management with Victims of Crime - Emily Spence-Algamuer and Derrelynn Perryman

Speak Up for a Change: Resolving Conflict in the Workplace - Karen Kalergis

Tell the Story My Way - Sondra Miller

The History of Service Dogs. How Do They Work? - Janean Fossum

The Importance of Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in a Comprehensive Initiative to End Violence Against Women - Katherine TePas, Andre Rosay and Lauree Morton

Trafficking in Indian Country: What Everyone Should Know and Promising Practices - Stanley Pryor, Suzanne Tibbetts Young and Beth Holger-Ambrose

U Visas: Your Role in Helping Immigrant Crime Survivors - Rosie Hidalgo and Cecilia Friedman Levin

Vulnerable Adult and Elder Abuse - Kathleen Flynn Peterson and Brandon Vaughn

What's Happening with VOCA? - Steve Derene