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2015 National Training Institute Presentations

All currently available presentations from the 2015 National Training Institute are uploaded below in alphabetical order by title. 

A Community Approach for Abuse and Exploitation of Older Citizens - Pat Ellis, Sheri Gibson, Kathryn Chacon and Detective Chuck Szatkowsky

Big Voices in Small Packages - Melody Lenhardt Edith Donno Valerie Bribiescas

An Aging Network Response to Victims of Abuse and Neglect - Cyndi Patterson and Robin Coulon

Bridging the Gap Between the Community and Law Enforcement - Ret. Det. Jennifer D. Ghoston and Ret. Det. Shirley R. Colvin

Civil Rights Litigation and Enforcement for School Bullying Victims - Adele Kimmel

Civil Rights Litigation and Enforcement for Victims of Gender Violence - Cari Simon

Collaborating to Prevent Violence - Jamecca Marchall and Benita Tsao

Cyber Terrorism or Data Breach A New Role for Victim Services - Laura Ivkovich, Michael Kaiser, Terri Howard, and Merry O'Brien

Development, Implementation, and Preliminary Outcomes from a Community-Based Elder Abuse Risk and Evaluation Tool - Alison Campbell and Lindsay Calamia

Expanding Resources in the Aftermath of Homicide - Connie Saindon and Vilma Torres

From the Quad to the Courtroom - Andrea Eddy, J. Anthony Antuna, Det. Laura Franklin and Michelle Spradling

Justice Reinvestment and Crime Victims - Anne Seymour and Grace Call

New Resources to Address Vicarious Trauma in Victim Services Professionals - Karen Kalergis and William Petty

Law Enforcement and Prosecution Best Practices Immigrant Crime Victims, Language Access and the U Visa - Michael LaRiviere and Leslye Orloff

Millennial Jurors and Negligent Security Cases - John Leighton

Your Role in the Journey - Michelle Corrao

Older Victims of Sexual Abuse - Lizzie Kazan, Cyndi Patterson and Alice Ghareib

Practical Guidance for Asserting Crime Victims Rights for Survivors of Human Trafficking - Stephanie Richard

Safety Planning and Screening for Immigrant Crime Survivors - Andrea Carcamo and Cecelia Friedman Levin

Self-defense skills for sexual assault and abuse survivors - Lauren R. Taylor and Lynne Marie Wanamaker

Stalking and Criminal Threats Survivor Issues - Ken Puckett

Strategies for Reaching Underserved Victims of Crime - Mindy Fox and Robin Foemmelbie

The SVAA Meeting the Training Needs of the Field - Sharron Fletcher, Kevin Becker and Karen Kalergis

Understanding the Organization, Operation and Victimization Process of Labor Trafficking in the United States

VOCA Performance Measurement - Marilyn Roberts 

Your Role in the Journey - Michelle Corrao